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You sat there in silence for a moment. Thinking about what Arthur had said. Moveing in with him WOULD make it seem like he was the father....
"Alright Arthur me and Florentine will move in with you." You agrred.
" Florentine?" He and Michell both gave you funny looks.
"Thats what I decided to call her Florentine, louis, Kikrland. Hey! Dont give me that look! Im her mother so I get to name her!" You glared at Michell who gave you a questioning look.
"Well I think it great love." Arthur said smiling. He gave you a gentel kiss on the forhead.
"Hey! Hey! Dont go acting like were married now Arthur." You said in a teasing way. Arthur just laughed and kissed your head again.
"I know love but I need to get into my fatherly mood now dont I?"
"Sure, sure, You and your lame excuses." You replyed.
Michell looked at the two of you bichering away like an old couple. Maybe this could work.

                           (Le time skip~)
It had been five months since you moved in with Arthur. There was nothing but happiness for you here. Arthur was a great guy and introduced Florentine to the other countires as his daughter. He was also kind to you. Something in your chest did little flips when he smiled at you and made you smile in return. There was nothing in your mind that didnt say you were'nt greatful to the brit. Arthur let you stay in his mansion. Yes his old home that was fricken HUGE! It had it's own garden, hours stables, and plenty of woods and acers! It seemed almost perfect to you. Your little girl would have so much fun! Maybe with some siblings if you and Arthur hit it off.
He gave you your own room to sleep in(Until  Florentine was older)and got all your persanal iteams and clothing for both you and your daughter. You were able to find some of old photos of you and him together and put them up. But the best thing in this old house to you was Florentine nursary was done. It was a purple room, with flower degsins and teddy bears, the crib was white with choclate brown wood, there was a white wood changing table, two baby moniter in the room so both you and Arthur could hear her in the night, a toy box with some safe baby toys, and some baby and storie books. Everything your child would  hopfully need. It was hard at first,for a while you and Arthur just put a carrige by your bed in your room until the nursary was done. His room was right next to yours so when the baby girl cried he could hear her as well and take over when you were too tired. Also in these past months Arthur proved himself to be a good father. He treated Florentine like his own, and thats all you ever wanted him to do really.
"(Name)! Love! Where did you put the baby food?" Arthur Yelled from the kitchen that was below the staris. His voice sounded rushed and frantice.
Florentine nursary was right by the staris, and the kitchen next to that. So it was easy to hear Arthur, but you were a bit procupied with brest feeding your child.
"Im feeding her now!" You called back from the nursary.
"What?" his voice sounded strained.
"Arthur! You got a long ways to go my friend! Before you truley become a father." You laughed, wishing to see his most likely disgusted face.
Once she was done your burped the child and walked down stairs with her. You smiled at Arthur. He was running around, not looking at you. Getting random stuff from the cabnit and table. He looked like a chicken with its head cut off.
You gave a cheery laugh at his destres and woundered what made him so frantice.
"Arthur, why in such a hurry?" You asked
Arthur stoped for a moment before turning around and faced you. You could clearly see the destressed on his face, It made you frowen slightly.
"Arthur" You asked confused"Whats wrong?"
"Love....I dont wish to do this to you...But we have to go to a meeting...With our counterparts"
Your eyes whiden. Not bothering to hide the detress in your face."W-what?! B-but we had a meeting like not too long ago! Almost last year! W-why?"
"It seems as if....Italy counterpart did not like a nagotiation term when he absent and demanded another meeting. Y-you know love....You could stay here with Flora,(Arthur and your nickname for the baby)and I could go alone. Ill just tell everyone you got sick."
You thought for a moment. You wanted to do so. Just say your sick and not see thoughs pink and baby blue eyes stareing at your soul. Forcing the truth out of your mouth as if he was force feeding you one of his cupcakes. But something inside you forced the negutive thoughts away and you shook your head 'no' to Arthur. Starling him slightly.
"I-i need to face my fear" You replied."I need to face him and tell him Florentine is YOUR daughter not HIS! EVERY 2p need to belive it...or els she'll never be safe from him."
England looked at you a moment before noded his head in agreement.
'Besides' He thought.' If you look at her Flora has her mothers (E/c) eyes and her hair look more (H/c) blond then anything. so we should be alright.'

                                (Time skip to meeting)
You walked into the big hotel with Arthur. Going straight into a esculater. Little Florentine was in your arms whide awake and alert. Once the bell rang, you and Arthur got out and walked down a big hall way. Your took big breaths of air each time your feet hit the ground. Holding your child closely in your arms you walked to a door that said '313'
You swollowed what was left of your anxsioty and looked at Arthur. He looked nervouse as well.
With a quick momvent he opened the door. Walking in first. You took another deep breath and walked in. Your eyes scaned over every unfriendly face in the room. Until they landed on the ones you dreeded most. Oliver Kikrland.
PHEW! sorry it took so long to wright! My goddnesss! Anyway tell me what you think kay?
BTW I own nothing!

Perv: [link]
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This is a good series. Are you planning on continuing it?
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